Friday, May 1, 2009

Reflection On Dog

Do you ever wonder, as I wonder,
what can be known of a dog’s nose?

Many a scientist knows how a dog’s nose
can follow the few molecules shed by you
as you passed by days before, and you can
conceive of a nose which knows where
a minute trace of substance resides amidst
a barrage of others, and you can
see that the dog’s nose knows
by where it follows. A dog’s nose
is truly an indisputable wonder

of nature. For did you know a dog’s nose
can detect cancer cells within you? A dog’s nose
knows about you, what you, with technology, could
not know about you. If you cannot truly know
a dog’s nose, as a dog knows its nose,
do you ever wonder

what you truly know? Do you wonder,
as I wonder, when you rarely walk in life as another,
when you would not want to know
any one, of too many others, who toss life aside,
as a bomb, intending to take life
from too many others — do you wonder

if you can know, as a dog knows, what inexhaustible
categorical love is? Can you never know the alluring
appeal for the delicacy of dirty diapers, or the illimitable
zeal for the tasty coated contents of cat litter? And if not
never, what of now? Do you wonder, as I wonder,

if a dog’s perspective surely eludes, how
Buddha or you, with your psychedelic drug,
or that meditating guru you follow can step
beyond relativity and the bounds
of self to enlightenment or to universal truth?

Do you ever wonder, as I often wonder,
how if not dog, how
ever could anyone truly know God?

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